Hello, we're Amanda Orlando and Joella Almeida.

Founded June 31, 2016. Everyday Allergen-Free is a lifestyle site for adults and teens dealing with food allergies. We aim to inspire confidence in people living with this invisible disability.

Amanda (right): The purpose of starting EAF was driven from my own experiences with food allergies. I’ve had them since birth so this has always been my way of life. People often ask me how I live with an alternative diet, or how I cope with it. The fact is, allergies or not, everyone has to eat every day. It’s one thing that as humans we can’t go without. Allergies influence every aspect of my life, not just what I eat. Here I share my favorite products (food, cosmetics, etc.), original recipes and photos, go-to restaurants, give cookbooks allergy makeovers, and write editorial pieces about my experiences. Our goal is to promote allergy awareness and inclusivity one reader at a time.

I am the author and food photographer of Allergen-Free Desserts

Joella (left):  Hi there, I’m Joella and I joined Amanda in the summer of 2016. I have long been a fan of her cooking in general, especially when it's for me! I have watched her grow from our simple meals during university to much more elaborate meals as a working professional. She manages to cook the most aesthetically pleasing, aromatically enticing, and most of all downright delicious meals I’ve ever had (aside from my mom of course). I enjoy cuisines from different cultures but I delight in Amanda's meals because I get introduced to her way of life. Living with anaphylaxis is an important lifestyle to understand and promote as 1 in 7 Canadians have allergies (roughly 2 million of the population), and globally the world is becoming more exposed to different allergens that play a major role in the way people live their lives. I love to work on ways to encourage a caring, considerate environment where others are able to educate themselves on the topic of allergies and help prevent accidents. I hope, through this website, we can also address the social stigma that can accompany someones daily routine when living with an allergy.