Photo by Karrie Kwong

Photo by Karrie Kwong


Everyday Allergen-Free is a lifestyle site for adults and teens dealing with food allergies. We aim to inspire confidence in people living with this invisible disability. 

Hi, I'm Amanda. I've lived with multiple severe food allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy, and certain legumes/pulses my whole life. 

In 2015, after nearly 12 years reaction-free, I suffered an anaphylactic reaction due to improperly labelled bread that contained casein. My relationship with food was forever changed. Having a reaction as an adult had vastly different effects on myself than having one as a child. Suddenly I was riddled with anxiety and had strong distrust for food which disrupted my formerly healthy eating habits. 

I leaned on friends and family to help me get back to "normal". But I wanted something more, a resource or community to read about what allergic people my age were experiencing and feeling. How do you manage your allergies on a business trip? How does it affect social situations? When I couldn't find the community I needed, I decided to start writing about my own experiences. One of the friends I leaned on for support was my pal and former roommate, Joella. We realized we had a shared experience in this as the allergy girl and the allergy bff. We worked to build this community together.

And now others like myself are part of this vibrant platform. Meet the team below

Amanda is the author and food photographer of Allergen-Free Desserts (2015) and Everyone's Welcome (2019)

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Joella Almeida

In June 2016, Joella joined Amanda to help grow her brand and reach a wider audience by highlighting the allergy bff's participation in the conversation. After two years of helping grow the EAF brand and launch the e-commerce shop, she is moving on to other things. 

You can find her on Twitter at @joellaanne1 or on LinkedIn


Kavita Gurm

Kavita is currently in her third year at the University of Toronto, majoring in Book & Media Studies. She loves Harry Potter, reading, travelling, and trying out new vegetarian recipes.

She is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, and is excited to work with the EAF team to raise awareness about food allergies!

Follow her on Twitter or Instagram @kavitagurm

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Carmen Szeto

Carmen Szeto is a 25-year-old freelance illustrator, artist and photographer based in Toronto, ON.

Her passion for wildlife and travel emulates directly in her photography and realism artwork through a mix of brilliant colours and clean lines. Though her typical media of choice is acrylic, Carmen uses a variety of media such as oil paint and pen & ink. Her drive to challenge herself in creating a variety of work separates her style from others with the use of many techniques. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of Carmen's prints and artwork, go to www.society6.com/carmenszetodesigns or contact her at c.szeto@hotmail.com for special requests. You can find Carmen on Instagram @carmenszetodesigns and Facebook @Carmen Szeto Designs to keep up to date on her latest work.

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Emma Berglund

Emma Berglund is a 22 year old creative currently working at CTV’s Etalk. 

In her spare time she enjoys working on passion projects and side hustles, creating Instagram flatlays, reading, fangirling, running her own local charity and trying new fitness classes around the city.

She is anaphylactic to dairy and eggs and is thrilled to be working with EAF to create more of a discussion and awareness around food allergies, sex and relationships. 


Claudina Covarrubias

Claudina Covarrubias is a certified nutritionist from Mérida, México who now resides in Toronto. She is excited to share valuable nutritional info on our growing team. Clau has always had a passion for food and health throughout her life in Mexico. Since moving cities, this passion has grown even more whilst pursuing further studies at George Brown College.

Growing up in a sports atmosphere where she played tennis made her realize the importance of balancing a well-nourished diet alongside sports activities. Her mantra is "the more we know about our bodies, our food and our well-being, the sooner we can recognize that we have a powerful ability to impact the way we feel everyday."

She'll be giving us some tips on how to manage deficiencies that can be challenging when you have a food allergy by choosing the right nutrients to help support your immune system. Her goal is to empower you to live a whole and healthy lifestyle where you can feel your best.