A Week of $pending: Jo

By Joella Almeida

Diaries of the week

To compare with Amanda's spending habits, I decided to try out one as well and see what my spend budget is like in comparison. Usually I'm pretty good at packing myself lunch and snacks but somedays I get lazy. My first thoughts were that this is going to expose my junk food habits when I'm lazy but perhaps I'm not as bad as I think but I am pretty darn boring these days. I like the looks of 2017, my bed + I are happy as a clam. Mostly cause I have Netflix to succumb to. 

Sunday - 
Breakfast: The bf made a smoothie cause he's cute like that Vega, spinach, frozen berries, honey, 1 Avocado 1 Banana
Morning: Yogatree $19.21 ; Kupfert + Kim's little peanut butter vegan energy balls $4.60; Canadian Tire: Cleaning products $16.40 and Loblaws $89.99
Lunch & Dinner: at home, Bf's Sous-vide Herb Pork and whole grain quinoa

Monday - 
Breakfast - a raisin and quinoa blend of flatbread + $1.49 Timmie's Coffee
Lunch - homemade, quinoa salad with veggies and seared tuna in coconut oil (try it here!) 
Dinner- Rice and an Indian beef meat curry
TTC - $6
TOTAL SPEND= $7.49 ( I was aware I was in competitive mode)

Breakfast - L'Espresso Bar Mercurio mocha $6.25 (lactose free) 
Lunch - two chicken and red pepper wraps with Nando sauce (homemade)
Evening - a bag of chips from Shopper's Drug Mart $3.99 (guilty pleasure, don't judge)
Dinner - homemade spiced rice and a beef meat curry
TTC- $6
TOTAL SPEND= $ 13.24

Breakfast pre-commute- A Timmie's coffee $1.25 (dark roast) 
Breakfast - Second cup - coffee and cookie $4.99
Lunch - Rice, lentils, okra, spiced tomatos, spiced lime
Evening - Coffee again back at Second Cup $3.49)
Dinner- Rice, lentils and okra
Travel: $10
Gatorade for the Gym: $6.99
TOTAL SPEND = $26.72

Bar Mercurio again $6.99 (almond milk today, chai tea latte)
Lunch - Italian Sausage Pasta + pop ($13.05)
Snack - Cake pop Starbucks $2.65 + I brought a Cliff bar
Dinner - Homemade rice and veggies
Travel: $3

Breakfast - Green smoothie: spinach, almond butter, almond milk, whole banana, chia
Lunch - Store bought sushi $6.79
Coffee - L'espresso $6.99
Yogatree again - $19.21
Dinner - homemade
TOTAL SPEND : $32.99

Total WEEK $pend: $236.33

Overall I suspected my spending was much higher on a weekly basis but it turns out it isn't. Usually I challenge myself to one major Costco visit a month of about $300 and another $100 on fresh fruit/veggies for the month but with my erratic schedule lately and a lot of extra work that I've taken on, I've been inconsistent. I always imagined myself having one coffee every four days but that's clearly not the case because that caffeine addiction is real kids. I hope you enjoyed this week of spending catalogue if only for entertainment, I'm definitely lucky I can just walk in and find available things to eat every five meters in the downtown core where as I suspect Amanda has to pay more attention to where she shops because not all places are as considerate toward allergen-free controls as a safety measure. Hopefully with the help of EverydayAllergenFree, this will change in the future.