Enjoy Life Muffin Mix

I'm a little late to the game with this post as I tested and photographed these muffins a while back before moving, going on vacation, and unpacking. But better late than never! Here we go...

About a month ago a huge box arrived at my front desk. Enjoy Life Foods had sent me a whole box of samples of their new baking mixes (6 types), all of which looked and sounded delicious. I couldn't wait to crack it open. They also sent a set of oven mitts and bamboo cooking utensils which was a nice touch. The samples came with a leaflet listing all the great qualities these mixes had to offer. Free from the big 8 allergens (as with all their products), non-GMO, vegan, and some great new features like 5 grams of protein per serving (!!!) and added probiotics. This last feature really had me excited.It is so hard to find allergen-free foods with probiotics so I usually end up eating a tbsp of sauerkraut over the sink before bed every night just to maintain my levels. Especially since my local grocery store stopped selling the only brand of coconut milk yogurt I can eat, finding sources of probiotics has become especially pertinent.

If you read my post about what to eat on a stop-over or flight, any of these mixes could be your answer. Bake a batch of muffins ahead of time and stash a few in your carry on bag for a high-protein snack that will keep you full for the long-haul.

I have only positive things to say about each of the mixes. They were just so great! All you need is oil and water to bake each item and prep time is minimal too. Literally anyone can be a baking superstar. The first mix I tried were the muffins, to which I added 2 heaping tbsp of cocoa powder because I was in the mood for chocolate. You could also add Enjoy Life chocolate chips, berries, lemon and poppy seeds, cinnamon and apple chunks, or any flavoring you prefer.

My older brother immediately grabbed 4 muffins from the hot pan, plunked himself down on the couch, and then went back for a 5th. He's usually not a fan of gluten-free things in general so when I told him they were made from non-wheat flours he was really impressed. They nailed the texture component so hats off to the people in their test kitchen.

I then packed up the remaining 3 muffins (I had a few myself) as I was hauling a bunch of stuff to my new condo that afternoon with the help of a friend. This particular friend is a health nut and she was also impressed with the texture and taste but more-so with the probiotics and amount of protein in each serving. They make a great post-yoga snack and gave me enough energy for the move!

It's been a bit of a challenge finding the mixes in stores so I might order online (they're on price promo online, even better) because I'm very eager to bake with them again. I tried to get a photo of the brownies but in all honesty.... my brother and I ate them all before I could grab a snap. I think that speaks for itself.