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Amanda Orlando

Hello reader, I'm Amanda! I’m a thought leader within the food allergy community, sharing new ideas and thoughtful perspectives. My goal is to inspire confidence in my readers.

I have a mindful and holistic approach to managing food allergies with confidence, connecting food, body, and mind. Sharing bright and bountiful recipes using whole food ingredients inspires readers to be creative with the foods they can have, instead of focusing on what is off-limits. Anxiety and the emotional side of living with food allergy is another big focus here. I share my own personal experiences and strategies for managing food and allergic reaction anxiety and PTSD.

My writing focuses primarily on the teenage and adult allergy experience, but not exclusively. When I started blogging I did it out of frustration with not being able to find other bloggers that were writing about what I was dealing with emotionally and socially as an adult with allergies. The resources at the time were mainly educational and institutional, and I desired something more.

I'm allergic to peanuts, nuts (excluding coconut), dairy, soy protein, and legumes (peas, chick peas, beans, lentils) and all are anaphylactic. I've lived with this autoimmune disease since birth, so I have a wealth of experience to share with my readers.

I am the author and photographer of Everyone's Welcome (2019, Touchwood Editions), and Allergen-Free Desserts (2015, Skyhorse publishing) cookbooks. I previously blogged under the name "Amanda's Recipes". I’m located in Toronto, Canada.

I welcome guest writers and partnership opportunities with like-minded brands.

For inquiries about:
- Brand partnerships
- Recipe development
- Writing
- Food photography
- Just to say hey or ask a question
You can reach me at amanda<at>everydayallergenfree.com

Thanks to all the former contributors/members of the team: Kavita, Jo, Clau, Carmen, Emma, and the many single entry contributors and guest chefs.

If you’d like to pitch a blog post, please email amanda<at>everydayallergenfree.com.

Above photo by Karrie Kwong