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  • The recipes presented are developed by Amanda Orlando unless otherwise stated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why teens and adults?
The goal of Everyday Allergen-Free is to inspire confidence in teens and adults living with food allergies. Amanda struggled with insecurity surrounding her food allergies from a very young age, which led her to put herself in potentially dangerous situations just because she didn't want to draw attention to her condition. There are so many negative stigmas surrounding food allergies, not to mention bullying and the growing pains of learning how to manage your allergies on your own. Teens are among the most affected by serious reactions causing death. That's a statistic we want to change. At EAF we're all about inclusivity, empowerment, and building confidence. Don't let your allergies stop you from being you.

Is Everyday Allergen-Free a healthy-only website? 
As much as we try to keep a healthy diet, we know how rewarding and satisfying a few indulgences are and so often include options for all palettes. 

Do you count calories? 
The focus of this website is to encourage teens and young adults to speak about about having food allergies and be confident in doing so so we do not focus on the calories in our meals nor do we detail diet information. Please speak with your nutritionist, dietician or doctor for any specific health concerns you may want to address.

Can I use your photo or recipes on my blog?
Absolutely, you are encouraged to share our photos and recipes as long as you give credit to the original piece. Each piece on the EAF website takes careful consideration and time to produce so a link back to the original page on the EAF website is highly recommended when using content from this website. 

I have food allergies, can I guest post on your website?
You certainly can, we have a space dedicated to accepting submissions from readers like you. See here.

Can you review or giveaway my product?
The products we review must be in line with our brand and we must be able to try the product first for safety reasons first and foremost before we can recommend it to our readers. We do giveaways frequently and use Rafflecopter, details can be found below. 

Do you endorse allergy testing apps or new products?
Unfortunately the room for error is quite wide when it comes to self-allergy testing applications so far so we cannot endorse products through any form of testing, beta or otherwise.


  • You must be 18+ (or the age of majority in your place of residence) to enter giveaway

  • Odds of winning are dependent on the amount of entries received.

  • Giveaways may end and/or be cancelled without notice.

  • All giveaways winners are chosen via Rafflecopter.

  • Per Canadian regulations, winners must answer a Skill Testing Question (STQ). Failure to answer STQ correctly will result in disqualification & another winner will be chosen.

  • Winners must respond within 48 hours to the email announcing their win (unless otherwise noted in giveaway rules). If the response is not received within that time period, another entrant will be chosen.

  • Everyday Allergen-Free will not be held responsible in the unlikely event that a winner does not receive a prize from a sponsor in the event of a sponsored giveaway. Everyday Allergen-Free will do everything possible to help ensure winners receive their prizes within a timely manner.

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