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It's Super Awkward To Turn Down a Kiss

It's Super Awkward To Turn Down a Kiss

Illustration by Carmen Szeto

If your parents/friends/YouTube haven't told you that you can't kiss someone after they've had something you're allergic to, this is us telling you very blatantly.

Don't kiss someone after they've had something you're allergic to. It could cause a severe reaction. 

It really happens. It is serious. And we want you to be informed.

We also know that it can be extremely awkward to turn down a kiss. So let me share this incredibly embarrassing story to make you feel like it will be okay, this too shall pass. Because here at EAF we're all about that #RealTalk and we want you to stay safe. 

So here we go...

I started dating Brandon (still my bf) when I was 20 and in the second half of my third year of university in Toronto. Somehow before him I had managed to date guys without really having to go to restaurants, or without putting myself in a situation where they could kiss me afterwards. Hey, there's nothing wrong with being a little cold and stand-off-ish sometimes. But we quickly began spending a lot of time together every day making restaurants and coffee shops unavoidable. 

We were at Starbucks one afternoon, still very new in our relationship, and ended up hanging around chatting for 3 hours over coffee. Mine black and held by my reusable and biodegradable cup sleeve, his with milk and sugar. I hadn't fully explained the extent of my allergies to him at that point. I had just sort of glossed over it and tried to downplay it, nervous that he'd think I was a loser because of it. 

He said he'd walk me to class which happened to be just around the corner. It was in Sid Smith, one of the busiest buildings at the University of Toronto. There were easily a hundred students outside and even more visible through the glass walls by the front doors. He walked me right up to the doors and then when I went to hug him goodbye he went in for a kiss. Agh! Those milk-tainted lips! So, panicking, I physically dodged him, ducking under his arms and then swiftly running into the building as I yelled behind me I'm allergic bye!

I looked like a frigging idiot. Then I didn't message him for at least a good few hours, until finally he sent me a text. I forget what it said exactly but it was something along the lines of that having been an extremely awkward thing to do and was there something wrong with me. I went by his place and explained the situation in person, making sure he knew that he had to either brush really well or just not eat stuff I'm allergic to. He said he'd do both, and guess what we're still dating. Afterwards I was kicking myself for not having just brought it all up up front. There was no need to be so insecure. 

I highly suggest you just get the talk out of the way in the beginning so that you can avoid looking like a weirdo like me (also to stay safe). But if you don't, remember that no matter how awkward you think it is to turn down a kiss, it can't be as bad as me dodging my boyfriend's mouth and running away from him in front of a hundred people while yelling gibberish over my shoulder. 

Why risk it? Stay safe pals <3

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