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Allergy-Friendly Restaurants in London, England

Allergy-Friendly Restaurants in London, England

Sorry folks, no restaurant snaps here!

I'm not the type to bring my camera out to dinner with me, so seriously sorry there are no pics inside any of the restaurants mentioned here. BUT there is a list of all the top places I ate in London that were able to accommodate my food allergies. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment!

Where did I stay? Knightsbridge in an AirBnB

What am I allergic to? Peanuts, nuts, dairy, legumes (all ana)

Where did I eat?

Vanilla Black: a Michelin star restaurant with a minimalist yet cozy atmosphere. The food, all vegetarian, was beautifully plated and bursting with flavor. I had arranged my meal with them ahead of time via email so I didn't order off the menu; they had already prepared something for me. I had a floral-looking salad with lots of interesting greens to start, but my favorite thing of all were the pickled veggies on top of a broccoli puree that came as the main course. I felt very comfortable dining at Vanilla Black, knowing they had planned around all of my allergies and understood their severity. I highly recommend you try it but I suggest you give them advance notice.  

Rivington Grill: I did some research and found The Rivington Grill recommended for people with food allergies on this site. I called ahead and they said they were able to accommodate so I booked it. I had a salad with steamed cod. It sounds really simple but it was actually very tasty. They didn't have olive oil and I wasn't sure about rapeseed oil (which I now know is canola oil in Canada), hence the fish being steamed instead of grilled/pan fried. Our server was knowledgeable about allergies and checked in with the chef and then back with me to ensure everything was safe. This is a great place to go with your family for a nice dinner. 

Bill's: There are several Bill's locations throughout the city so it's a great place to keep on your brain (front of mind... that's what I'm trying to say). I could have had a more filling lunch but I chose to have a garden salad with fresh mint tea. The server was very accommodating and tried to urge me to order something more, saying they could make a safe dish for me, but I was just in the mood for a salad. I regret not going back again on a hungrier day, all my colleagues' meals looked delicious. Bill's has a really hip atmosphere with eccentric decor that looks like a farmhouse crossed paths with my Nonna's cantina. Go with friends or on a casual date.

London Grind: Literally perched at the end of the bridge is London Grind. This place is cool. There are neon lights, exposed brick walls, and waiters with perfectly tousled hair. Everyone was very friendly, especially the manager who talked to me about my allergies and what they could make that would be safe for me. He checked in with the kitchen before seating us which I appreciated. I hate sitting down somewhere and then having to leave. For dinner I had pan-fried cod with sauteed seaweed and red bell pepper. It was super delicious and a hearty enough portion that I couldn't even finish it. Go there with friends, a date, or after work. 

So that's it, a roundup of my faves from London. Short and sweet. 

But you wanted food photos, you say?! Ok, here are some pics of all the things in Portobello market that I didn't eat. I'm sure it's all horribly gross. 

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