1 Ingredient Strawberry Sorbet recipe

With all my allergies it can be difficult to find sorbet or ice cream that I can eat. There are some fantastic coconut milk-based ones on the market but depending on where I am and what grocery stores are around, I don't always have access to them. So I've taken to making my own frozen treats (recipes can be found in my book, available online).

A very handy tool I use is called a Dessert Bullet. To make fresh sorbet instantly you just toss frozen fruit into it and turn it on. Below are some tips for creating great strawberry sorbet.

  • Cut the berries into quarters before freezing. This allows them to feed through the machine more easily
  • Leave the berries to thaw for about 20 minutes before use for improved texture of the final product
  • After you've fed the berries through the Dessert Bullet once, scoop up all the sorbet and feed it through again for a creamy smooth texture. If you want to add honey or sugar, mash it in before the second round.
  • Wash the machine immediately as it's not recommended you put it in the dishwasher and I've found it becomes sticky quite quickly from all the fruit

There are other variations of this product on the market and you can of course use a traditional ice cream maker if you have one. Full recipes for making sorbet in an ice cream maker can be found in my book.

To make your tasty treat into an ice cream sandwich simply bake up your favorite cookies, taking them out of the oven a minute before they're finished cooking for a chewier texture (this makes the sandwiches easier to eat). Allow them to cool and then spread the sorbet on. Serve immediately! If they begin to melt the texture of the cookie will be too firm once re-frozen in comparison to the softness of the sorbet. I know this from experience as I took way too long to take the above photo and then thought I could just throw the whole sandwich in the freezer. Unfortunately... it did not work. But I'm sure you'll have no problem eating them right away :)